Pelatihan Advance Scaffolding

Pelatihan Advance Rigging For Supervisor (Rigging Tingkat Lanjutan)
August 21, 2017
Pelatihan Awareness & Internal Audit OHSAS 18001;2007
August 21, 2017


Scaffolding is one of equipment which is used in construction projects. In other words scaffolding is the courtyard building while it’s been made and used as a supporting work in any construction work. The uses of scaffolding in building construction projects is very dominating causes of occupational accidents in the project, generally falling, slipping, oppressed and crushed materials.

Based on Act No.1 of 1970 on Occupational Safety; Regulation of Labor Minister no. PER.01/MEN/1980 on Occupational Safety & Health on the construction of buildings; LCS Minister of Labor and Minister of Public Works no. Kep 174/Men/1986 and no.104/Kpts/1986 and Safety Implementation Guidelines for at site construction activity, it’s required to conduct training for the scaffold technician. Moreover to complying government regulations, this training is designed to assist the participants acquiring basic knowledge and skills to planning, preparing, monitoring and ensuring the job activity use scaffolding is work safely.

Mohon konfirmasi ke kami untuk jadwal pelatihan yang anda inginkan, atau silahkan cek jadwal pelatihan di sini.
The following Course is appropriate for :
  • Scaffolding Technician
  • Foreman
  • HSE Supervisor / Coordinator

Lesson Principal :

Health and Safety at Work Act Platform width
  • Guardrails and toe-board
  • Ladder access
  • Safety Belt and Harness
  • Drawing Procedures
  • Design of Heavy Duty
  • Truss out Scaffold
  • Slung Scaffold
  • Inspections
  • References

Presentations, discussion, simulation /case studies and equipment exercises sessions


Course & Workshop will be delivering in 3 (Three) days (at 08.00 am until 17.00 pm)


The Course Facilitator is INSURIN’s Senior Consultants who has experience in many corporate consulting and Oil and gas Industry and trainer from Kemenakertrans RI.


All training materials to use in Bahasa Indonesia.

Rp 4.500.000/Person (3 Days, Certification From Synergy solusi)